Journeys School

Learn. Think. Act.


Academic Engagement
We make learning sticky with authentic curriculum, integration of ideas and skills, and a learner-centered approach

Community Connections
We take extended journeys into nearby communities and work toward a capstone project at the end of elementary years in which students research, write and present about an important local issue.

Character Development
We offer classes in social/emotional thinking. Current neuroscience recognizes the importance of students knowing how to regulate, cope and interact in a healthy manner.

Authentic Education
Journeys School elementary school offers families educational choice. We provide a small school model that has a family feel and we use current research in education and neurscience to inform our program. Key to the elementary school and its uniqueness are core principles like learner-centered education, place-based and project-based learning, community connections and service, essential academics in a flexible and integrated environment, and attention to the growth of the whole child.

Integrated Learning
We journey into the outdoors and the community on a regular basis. Students encounter "sticky learning" experiences that feel relevant and exploratory. We make genuine connections to experts and community members along the way. We have a strong science, language and arts program in addition to our core classes. We integrate many subject areas in order to increase student connection-making and problem solving.


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