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Frequently Asked Questions

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How old is Journeys School?

Journeys School was founded in 2001.

Where do graduates attend college?

All Journeys School graduates have been accepted at a wide variety of universities or colleges. Many are attending highly selective programs around the country. There are 36 Journeys School alumni, and the first of these graduated from Dartmouth College in the spring of 2007.

How can parents support Journeys School?

Parents can support Journeys School first and foremost by supporting their child’s learning at school. Additional support comes from volunteering at school (via the Parent Council), participating in fundraising events and making contributions to the Annual Fund. Finally, all parents can act as advocates for the school in the community.

What is the curriculum at Journeys School?

The curriculum at Journeys School is based on a strong core academic program of reading, writing, math, history, science, world languages and the arts, interwoven with the critical skills of collaboration, communication, leadership and creativity. The methods used to teach content and skills are based on the best available research in education. These methods are adaptable to individual learning styles as well as changing knowledge about how students learn.

What is the core philosophy at Journeys School?

Central to our philosophy are the ideas of community and relationships. The school strives to connect learning to our place. This changes in scale from understanding ourselves to understanding the world as students grows older. It is our goal that each student graduates from the school with both a strong academic knowledge base and the tools to use this knowledge to change communities for the better.

What is the Parent Council?

All enrolled families are members of the Parent Council. The Parent Council is led by representatives from each school level who help keep the community informed about opportunities to support the school. Current committees include Admissions, Event Support, Annual Fund and Parent Education.

How is Journeys School related to the Teton Science Schools’?

Journeys School is one of six different programs of Teton Science Schools that help to achieve the Schools’ mission of connecting people, nature, place and education. All six programs benefit from shared Development, Communications, Finance, Property Management and Food Service departments. Teton Science Schools have one Board of Directors with a significant number of Journeys School parents included as members.

What is the maximum enrollment for Journeys School?

The Pre-Kindergarten has a maximum enrollment of 20 students per day. Each class from Kindergarten through 8th grade has a maximum enrollment of 18 students. In grades 9-12, each class enrolls a maximum of 13 students.

Is Journeys School accredited?

Journeys School was accredited by the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools in 2007 after an extensive self-study and accreditation team visit. The school will undergo the next accreditation process in 2014. As of 2009, Journeys School became an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the IB Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12.

What level of financial aid is supported by Journeys School?

Journeys School offered financial assistance to 40% of its students in 2009-2010.

Can I visit other levels of the school?

All parents are encouraged to visit different levels of the school to more thoroughly understand the program. To schedule a visit, contact lead faculty members or the admissions director.

How can I direct interested families into the admissions process?

Visits to the school by interested families are conducted throughout the year. More information can be found on the admissions page and all questions should be directed to the Director of Admissions. The school encourages current school families to recommend new families.

Does Journeys School offer an athletic program?

Journeys School Middle and High School students participate in athletics on teams from Teton County School District No. 1. Participation in athletics is both encouraged and valued. During the 2009-10 academic year, 89% of Journeys Middle School students and 64% of Journeys High School students, from beginners to state champions, participated in Wyoming interscholastic sports or other extra-curricular activities. Please click here to find more information on athletics and activities.

Can Journeys School students participate in athletics?

Journeys School does not have its own athletic teams. However, Journeys School Middle and High School students do participate with the public school Teton County School District No. 1 athletic teams. In fact, during the 2008-9 academic year, 55% of Journeys High School students participated in athletics.  

What is the Capstone Program?

The 2nd-, 5th-, 8th- and 12th-grade years at Journeys School end with challenging and extensive programs that prepare students for the next level of schooling. The 12th-grade year culminates the academic and community life of the Journeys School student. Under faculty guidance the capstone year is rigorous, student-centered and student-structured, preparing the student for graduation and ensuring that the student has the qualifications necessary to successfully enter college or university. The Capstone year includes four components: thesis, course work, experience and service learning.

What sports are offered?

 High School Sports:
Cross Country
JV/Varsity Football
Alpine Skiing 
Nordic Skiing 
Freshman / JV / Varsity Boys Basketball
Freshman / JV / Varsity Girls Basketball
Girls Soccer
Boys Soccer
Track and Field
Speech and Debate

Middle School Sports:
Cross Country
7th/8th grade Football
7th/8th grade Volleyball
7th/8th grade Boys Basketball
7th/8th grade Girls Basketball
Girls Swimming/Diving
Track and Field


Does Journeys School value Athletics?

YES! Journeys School highly values the contribution of athletics to the development of the whole child. Journeys School encourages participation and makes several accommodations for students in athletics and faculty advisors work closely with athletes to ensure academic success when students miss school due to athletic events. At the end of each year during an all school meeting, an awards ceremony is held to recognize the dedication and achievement of middle and high school athletes. 

How do I sign up to play a sport?

 Contact the Journeys School Athletics Coordinator to find out about dates and deadlines. The first thing you will need before practicing is a completed “physical form” available on the Journeys School website.  John Gillum, Athletics Coordinator Office:307.734.9844

How do Journeys School students get to their practice locations?

A shuttle is offered from Journeys School to various practice locations. 

What is the “Early Release for Activities Form” and why do I need to fill it out?

 This form allows Journeys School to document exactly which activities students are participating in. Additionally, for active extracurricular pursuits students receive academic credit in Physical Education and Health. This form serves to verify and document this participation. Lastly, with so many students participating in various activities, this form helps Journeys School teachers keep track of who is going where, and when.

Does Journeys School have any clubs?

 Yes. The Outing club meets a few times per semester for outings such as night skiing, indoor rock climbing, sailing, fly-fishing, and more.
Additionally, a robotics elective is offered during school, which includes a yearly overnight trip to a competition.

Can Journeys School students participate in social events with the public school district?

 Absolutely! Many of our students regularly attend dances, including Prom, and other events.

Who should I contact for more information on athletics and extracurricular activities?

Khale Reno, Physical Health and Athletics Coordinator Office: 307.734.9876

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