Mathematics (Levels 3-7) at Journeys School follows a classic sequence of pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, advanced math and calculus. The emphasis of this course is to promote the development of mathematical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Each student is expected to master prerequisite concepts for the study of higher math at the college level. At the end of four years of math at Journeys School, students have developed a variety of tools to solve many “real-world” problems as well as master a fluency in the language of math and an appreciation of the underlying structure of mathematical systems. These systems of problem solving are critical in all other areas of academic study. Logical reasoning and problem solving for complex challenges are two basic ways in which mathematics can be utilized outside of the classroom. Clarity in communication through concise and logical thinking is fundamental to conveying a message or understanding a problem. These skills, along with pure mathematical skills, are an intimate part of the mathematics curriculum.