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Subscribe to Journeys School Calendars by Grade Level:

Parents and friends can now subscribe to Journeys School Web Calendars and view events on mobile devices by following the directions below. Calendars are available for each grade level and you may add multiple grade levels including All Events (ex. State of the School Dinner, Winter Celebration and Graduation.) Once you are subscribed, events will appear in your mobile calendar with the ability to turn each calendar on or off.

This will keep mobile and other calendars automatically "synched" with the Journeys School website calendar. This is a one-way synchronization that only allows information to be sent to your calendar or device. The synchronization will occur once every 24 hours.

Subscribe with iPhone 

Select the calendar(s) below that you would like to subscribe to. Then enter your email address in the email field and click "send email". Open the Calendar Subscription email from Teton Science Schools on your iPhone and tap the link in the email.

Download the step by step instructions for iPhone (PDF Format)

Download step by step calendar deletion instructions for iPhone (PDF Format)

  • All School
  • The following grades:
    • Pre-K
    • Elementary School
    • Middle School
    • High School




Subscribe with Other Mobile Devices or Calendar Programs

Email Teton Science Schools' Communications Department at or call 307-734-3714.

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