Journeys School

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Elementary School (Grades K-5)

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  • Overview

    The elementary school program nurtures each child to reach their full potential. The faculty value a whole-child approach so that both the academic and social-emotional realms are developed and enriched. Each child is known well by all members of the school community. The school community focuses on three key values.
  • Math

    The goal of our math program is to help students develop both conceptual and computational understanding of mathematics.
  • Language Arts

    Journeys School’s elementary language arts program is heavily influenced by the work of Kathy Collins and her book Growing Readers and Lucy Calkins of the Readers and Writers Project at Teachers College/Columbia University.
  • Visual Arts

    All students in the elementary school participate in visual arts classes twice a week. Students create artwork using the principles and elements of art and design, and demonstrate an understanding of how subject matter, symbols and ideas are used to communicate meaning in art.
  • Performing Arts

    All elementary students also participate in music and drama classes twice a week. They sing and listen to the works of master composers, learn to recognize the instruments of the orchestra by sight and sound, compose original music and create their own musical instruments.
  • Physical Education

    Elementary students receive Physical Education taught by a specialist for 45 minutes, twice per week throughout the year. P.E. at Journeys School is in congruence with the “new P.E.”
  • Social Studies

    The social studies program is designed to provide students with a thematic and integrated context for learning that teaches students about human interactions with the biological, physical, and social world.
  • Science

    The elementary school science program is based on the concepts of inquiry and understanding place. Using topics in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, technology, and environmental science, students learn to act and think like scientists.
  • Spanish

    Based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, the Journeys School approach to foreign language learning focuses on communication, cultures, comparisons, connections and communities.
  • Extended Journeys

    At the core of the Journeys School approach to learning is the idea of students learning outside of the classroom.


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