The goal of our math program is to help students develop both conceptual and computational understanding of mathematics. Additionally, we are focused on teaching students that math can be enjoyable and useful as a tool. To help us achieve these goals, Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach was adopted in the spring of 2011. Math in Focus "offers the authentic Singapore math pedagogy with fewer topics taught in greater depth at each grade level. The program features visual representations and modeling strategies to solve complex problems; a consistent concrete-pictorial-abstract progression; and strong development of both conceptual understanding, place value, and computational fluency so students that understand the “how” as well as the “why.” Problems and projects presented in the texts are adapted to connect to curricular themes and other classes to make learning relevant. Computational skills are developed through a specific program outside of the core curriculum. Specific open-ended problems are presented to students on a weekly basis to develop mathematical thinking skills.