The social studies program is designed to provide students with a thematic and integrated context for learning that teaches students about human interactions with the biological, physical, and social world. Citizenship and understanding communities in the early grades transforms to government and history in the older grades. Curriculum allows for students to learn about local, United States, and global history while making connections to common themes within the social sciences. Social studies activities include current events discussions, literature study, geography, cartography, research, note taking, presentations and journeys.

The annual theme drives the social studies curriculum and serves as a basis for both the integration of content areas and discovery of the many and varied ways in which humans interact within the Jackson Hole community, the nation, and the world. Experiences related to social studies have included a map making introduction to the mountains of Wyoming, a student designed mock presidential election, a document and literature-based look at the American Revolution and creation of navigational instruments used by early explorers. In their quest to discover more about place and beyond, Journeys School students have gone dog sledding, hiked along the Snake River, viewed Jackson Hole from the top of a mountain, and participated in an historical reenactment aboard a ship in San Diego Harbor.