Journeys School

Learn. Think. Act.


Academic Engagement
Interdisciplinary learning happens in all core academic classes and on our extended journeys. The depth of engagement that results from connecting disciplines allows students to align their developmental needs with what the modern world expects of them.

Community Connections
Authentic problem-solving takes many forms at Journeys middle school. Through our design curriculum, extended journeys, culminating projects and service learning experiences, students learn to connect to place. We explore with the world around us-- to be curious about how we can make an impact, learn and find meaning in our efforts.

Character Development
Character growth takes many forms at the Journey middle school. Most consistent are morning mindfulness rituals, self governance and our personalized approach to behavioral learning. These programmatic distinctions provide clear, effective, and compelling approaches to the ever-evolving brain of a child.

Inspiring Students
The Journeys School middle school inspires students to engage in authenitic learning, to develop compassion and empathy, and to grow in confidence to lead their lives. Middle School is an age of limitless potential that we choose to employ rather than constrain. Traditional models stifle a child's energy through compliance, while our belief is to embrace a child's energy and channel it into curiosity and confidence.

Innovative, Authentic Learning
Our program is built around innovative practices in adolescent education. From the globally recognized international Baccalaureate Middle Years Program to break-through learning in behavioral development, we provide a unique eduvational model. Students drive many of their own academic experiences through project-based and place-based learning. As a community, we seek authentic problem solving, integrate across disciplines, personalize our approach and support the dynamic needs of the early teenage years.

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