No After School Care on the Last Day of School
Friday, June 10 is the last day of school. We will not have after school care on that day. Thank you for understanding and planning accordingly.

Schedules and letters for our upcoming journeys will be coming home in folders this coming week. Please fill out the participation form and return as soon as possible to assist in advance planning. All kinds of amazing work has gone into planning these in-depth learning experiences for the elementary students. We are excited to finish the year off with journeys.
Kindergarten through fourth grade students return for the final two days of school. They will be participating in follow-up journey activities on Thursday, June 9th.
Fifth grade students will return for our final day of school.

Fifth Grade Graduation

Fifth grade students are participants in the Journeys School graduation where they are recognized and celebrated as they move on to middle school. Fifth grade students, please arrive at the Dining Lodge at 5:15 for the 5:30 start and dress up to be on stage. Plan on sitting through the entire graduation as fifth grade will be sitting front and center!

Last Day of School

We would like to give parents a “Save the Date” for the afternoon of our final day of school, Friday, June 10th. We are planning some ways to play and celebrate with the entire elementary community (including parents!) for the last few hours of school. More details to come….

Important Dates to Remember:

•    May 23-27: Fifth Grade Capstone Presentations in the mornings. Monday: Oliver, Ella   Tuesday: Alden, Lucy, Ansel    Wednesday: Noah, Anna, Kiera    Thursday: Samuel, Raith, Chloe     Friday: Flynn, Grace, Maya
•    May 26: K-1 Drama performance and all elementary art show from 2- 3:20pm. Musical performances by 2-5 grade students.
•    May 27: Fiesta de la Familia for all elementary students; second-fifth grade students present 2:30 to 3pm.
•    May 30- June 3: Final assessment week
•    June 1: Journeys School Graduation; fifth grade part of the ceremony (5:15 arrival for 5:30 start)
•    June 5-9: Fifth Grade Capstone Journey
•    June 6-8: K-4 Spring Journeys (K-1: Grand Teton, 2: Yellowstone, 3-4: Lander)

Planned Absences?

If you have any planned absences during these final weeks of school, please let your child’s advisor know. We have lots of final assessments and projects planned, not to mention journeys, so this information is valuable. Thank you!

Spring Dressing
Spring weather can still be variable. Thank you for helping your child to come prepared for rain or cold weather moving through. We would also like to remind families of the dress code which asks students to be appropriately covered up (as elementary students) as the warmer temperatures encourage shorts and short sleeves.

Wolf Survey
The second and third grade Hayden and Colter social studies students began the spring trimester by studying the gray wolf and the story of its reintroduction to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as well as the many opinions related to this hot topic. The students were curious to know why people feel the way they do about wolves so they created a Survey Monkey to collect data. If you have time in the next two weeks, please follow this link to take a survey created by the second and third grade students. Thank you for your help with their research.

Thank you to Kit for snack/rag support last week!

5th Grade Capstone Presentations
Monday-Friday, May 23-27, 8:45-11:00 am

All Journeys School parents are invited to the 5th Grade Capstone Presentations. Presentations will be held in the Education Center, South Classroom (third building on the right, directly across from the Dining Lodge). If you attend on a given day, please plan to stay for the whole morning's session to reduce distractions caused by people coming and going and to show support for all of the presenters. Please see below for the schedule of presenters, including their topics.

Monday, May 23rd:
8:45- Oliver Jost- "Because Jackson is a town of extreme sports, Jackson has more severe injuries, and therefore the   community has a need for specific supportive services, such as search and rescue."
9:30-Ella Wallace- “Invasive species negatively impact the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.”

Tuesday, May 24th:

8:45-Alden Rice- “The Jackson Hole bike path positively affects the Jackson Hole community.”
9:30-Lucy Gillett- “Food Insecurity is a serious issue in the Jackson Hole community and there needs to be more awareness and education about it.”
10:15-Ansel Givens- “Though it is important to manage the wolf population, poaching wolves has a negative effect on the ecosystem.”

Wednesday, May 25th:

8:45-Noah Pruzan- “Kayaking on Yellowstone rivers should be legal because kayaking does not hurt the ecosystem and kayaking could benefit Yellowstone.”
9:30-Anna Hitch- “Tourism has a negative impact on the Jackson Hole community.”
10:15-Kiera Kline- “Climate change negatively affects the snowpack in Jackson Hole.”

Thursday, May 26th:
8:45-Samuel Baruwa- “People in the Jackson Hole area need more education about human and animal interactions.”
9:30-Raith Wehner- “All children do not have equal opportunities to play sports in Jackson Hole.”
10:15-Chloe Wehner- “Housing in Jackson is not accessible to everyone due to cost and availability.”

Friday, May 27th:
8:45-Flynn Ellis- “Thesis- People in the Jackson area need more education about cougars in order to protect the species in our area so both humans and cougars can  could coexist.”  
9:30-Grace Regan- “The fish population in the Jackson Hole region is negatively affected by climate change.”
10:15-Maya Ramkowsky- “There are not enough opportunities for girls to play sports in Jackson Hole”.