Family Appreciation
Thank you for the teamwork this year! We appreciate all of the wonderful support parents have given to the children and Journeys Elementary School- from homework and cooking to snacks, rags, journey support and special events. We hope to see you next Friday at 1:30 for kickball, K-2 portfolios, and our library opening to finish off a great year.

Second Grade Capstone Presentations
Please come celebrate second grade accomplishments next Thursday from 2-3 pm in the elementary building.

Summer Reading and Recommendations
We will send home summer recommendations and reading next week. Next year our theme is “communities” and our summer reading for 3-5 grade will reflect this theme. Trimester reports will be mailed mid-June.

Clean Up Next Thursday
Please bring a canvas bag next Thursday to assist in clean up and transportation of all personal items. Thank you!

Important Dates:

•    June 5-9: Fifth Grade Capstone Journey
•    June 6-8: K-4 Spring Journeys (K-1: Grand Teton, 2: Yellowstone, 3-4: Lander)

Mack and Brady Update
Our friends Mack and Brady (6th and 7th grade) have been in Kenya for the last few months. They are having an amazing time, and have started a fundraising campaign to raise money to help protect rhino and elephants. Brady and Mack met with local women to design their own original bracelets, key chains, and animal figures to sell, with all of the profits from the sales of the products going directly to help Borana Conservancy's efforts to save the rhino and elephants. (The sale of the items also helps the local women earn a living.) If you want to learn more about Brady and Mack's adventures and their fundraising campaign, visit their website, (Crash means a group of rhino and Herd means a group of elephants.)


Have a wonderful summer and read, read, read and explore, explore, explore!