Welcome Back!
We have had a wonderful first week back with students. We have been focused on a lot of great community building and setting expectations for the year. Because we were not yet in a regular routine, students are tired and hopefully can rest this weekend to be ready for a four day week after Labor Day. When we return on Tuesday, we will begin our regular weekly schedule which will be posted on Haiku on the General Elementary page. All classes should be posted on Haiku by next Tuesday afternoon. (Parents of students new to Journeys School: your Haiku login information is coming soon!)

Thank You
We appreciate parents helping student come prepared with items on the supply list like indoor shoes, water bottles, and extra lunches.  Thank you also for signing up on our snack/rag volunteer list which was sent out via email. 

Friday 9/9: Family Group Sorting
Next Friday afternoon new students and faculty will be sorted into "family groups", or multi-age K-12 groups, which will meet at various times throughout the year for special activities. This is always a fun activity. Ask your child what his/her family group name is! 

Elementary Field Day
On Monday, September 12, elementary will have a "field day" when we practice being "field ready" for journeys on and off of campus. Please wear outdoor clothing and closed-toed shoes that day because we will be working with Teton Science School's field education staff on outdoor leadership and challenges. This work with field education will be taking place at various times all year! Lunch will be a regular lunch in classrooms.