Community Partners
We appreciate our community partners in learning this week. Thanks to Drew Reed who facilitated the trumpeter swan service project and to the Wildlife Film Festival organizers. Thanks also to the Stearns family who brought Kate and Warren here to lead us in the Beautiful Me workshops. We love that learning has no walls, doors, or boundaries!

Grandparents and Grandfriends Day
We look forward to welcoming grandparents and friends into our classrooms next Thursday. Our classroom schedule and routine will be slightly different to accommodate our visitors. We will have a regular morning until 9:45 when we will go out early for recess. At 10:15 students will return to classrooms to prepare for visitors. Students will do a section of reading/writing and a section of math until 11:55 when students will prepare to either have a tea party with grandparents or eat a regular lunch. Please let your child's advisor know if your child will be leaving school early with a grandparent. Thank you!

A Deeper Look at Behavioral Policies and Practices in Elementary
The elementary team is taking advantage of meeting with our visiting expert, Pamela Paresky, PhD, Director of the Aspen Center for Human Development, next Friday for professional development day (no school for kids). The team has been working to analyze the efficacy and philosophy behind our behavioral policies and practices in the elementary school. We look forward to Pamela's input and suggestions so we can truly create an environment that is positive, promotes respect and responsibility, and is a caring community. We appreciate past and present input from parents as well and will work all opinions into our analysis.  We hope many parents will participate in Pamela's presentation on "Embracing Uncertainty: Bringing Out the Best in Our Students and Ourselves".

Learning Team Meetings
We will begin our first of two rounds of Learning Team Meetings at the end of the month. Starting October 31st and running for two weeks until November 11th teachers, students, and parents will be meeting to discuss social/emotional and academic growth so far this year. You will receive an email from your child's advisor by October 14th with a schedule of available meeting times and general information. We look forward to celebrating each student with you!

Thank you to Vonde Smith, Cindy Bartz, and Lisen Kern for helping with snacks and rags this week. Next up for October 13 (kids are out of school on the 14th) are Nima Sherpa, Aimee Zeleznik, and Jill Vatter. Also a HUGE thanks to Meladi Hagedorn and Krista Koehler for being our upper and lower elementary Parent Council Representatives this year. Hooray!

4th and 5th Grade Musical
Journeys School 4th and 5th grade musicians will be performing a musical production based on the theme of Westward Expansion on Wednesday, NOVEMBER 9th starting at 2:15 pm in the North Ed Center on the Jackson Campus.  We hope all elementary parents and students will bring their families to see history come to life in this musical rendition entitled "Go West!"

Time To Be Prepared with the Big 5!
As soon as the snowflakes fall our students are asked to be prepared with the big 5 for outdoor time: boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, and jacket. If there is snow on the ground and they do not have all these items they will need to borrow from our school closet. Third through fifth grade students have the option not to wear snow pants if they have earned self government. Thanks for the support!