Thank you for a Great Celebration!
Thank you to the parent support of our Halloween parade and special classroom activities. We enjoyed the creativity and hard work that was on display with costume making, story writing and reading, and Halloween crafts and math.

Learning Team Appreciations
We appreciate the time and thoughtfulness parents bring to our learning team meetings. 

Microwavable Lunches
We have noticed longer and longer lines at the microwaves at lunchtime. In order to facilitate enough time to eat, we suggest rotating microwavables with ready to eat lunches so students are not standing in line at lunch.

4/5 Play Coming Soon
Remember that the 4/5 production of "Go West" will take place on November 9th at 2:15 pm in the Education Center. Norene and the students have been working hard and we can't wait for you to see the results!

End of the Trimester

As our first trimester comes to a close parents and students will not see many changes in schedule at this time. We will be working on trimester reports over the next few weeks and following up on Learning Team Meetings. It will be a busy few weeks in November and December with a week off for Thanksgiving and two weeks for winter break. We will also be preparing for Winter Celebration which takes place on December 15th.

Thanks to Libby, Norene, and Cindy B. for helping with snacks and rags this week and to Heather, Patricia, and Aimee for being on deck for next week (11/11).