Caroling Around Town!
On Friday afternoon the Elementary will be journeying (or "journeyed", depending on when you are reading this) into the community to spread some cheer. Three different groups will visit (visited) the following locations:
Group 1: Morning Star and Jackson Campus
Group 2: Town Square and St. John's Living Center
Group 3: The Visitor Center and National Museum of Wildlife Art

Reading Over Break
One of the best ways to keep your child building neurons :-) over our long break is to keep them reading. Make a family reading goal that you can meet together or set a structure for the break that builds in reading time. Playing games like Monopoly, cribbage, or chess can also be a fun way to practice strategy, attention, and fair play. Enjoy the time being physical in the outdoors and with family. We will see you in 2017!

On the Horizon
Winter extended journeys will be on February 15th and 16th. We will not be leaving the valley for any elementary journeys in the winter. Fourth and fifth grade will be spending the night. Here are the topics that teachers are planning:
K-1: Local Animal Communities; tracking and signs
2-3: Design/Engineering with Simple Machines
4-5: Linking Family/Culture/Community; home stays

We are grateful for Colleen G. and Deanna for helping with snacks and Amanda for washing rags (over break!). On the week we return (1/6) Colleen and Cindy D. will help with snacks and Norene will do rags. Thank you parent volunteers! A special thanks to Meladi for providing delicious holiday cookies and treats for the teachers!

Kit Deslauriers also came to present to second and third grade math about how she has used science and math in her mountaineering adventures to study the decline of glaciers in Alaska. The students learned a lot about practical applications for science and math (fuel and weight in bush plans, measuring distances and elevations, climbing gear and distances, etc.) and were inspired about protecting wild spaces at the same time! Thank you, Kit!