Enjoy Your Spring Break!
Trimester reports were sent home in folders on Friday, March 24. For students who were not at school Friday afternoon, reports will be arriving in the mail over break. Please take the time to read the enclosed letter that includes survey responses and updates. We look forward to Learning Team Meetings in April. Please sign up on your advisor's Haiku page if you have not yet done so. Encourage reading over spring break to keep the mind exercised and nimble.

Kind Leaders/ Academic Achievers
Our elementary community celebrated student-nominated "Kind Leaders" and teacher nominated "Try Hard Achievers" this Wednesday. Congratulations to the following students:
Kind Leaders: Louise, Bristow, Katie, Lyvi, Tia, Addie, Grace, Ann-Dallas, Cormac, Benjamin, Adyn, Grace
Try Hard Achievers: Palmer, Augie, Valeria, Hayden, Louise, Alondra, Dylan, Chloe, Tyler
Way to GO!!

Thank you parents for supporting our skating program this year. Thank you to Betsy for snack support and Cindy Daly for rag help this week. When we return we do not have anyone signed up for snack for 4/14. Thanks to Amanda for help with rags that week.