Young Authors
Journeys School's student writers are busy preparing pieces of writing to submit to the Wyoming Young Authors competition next week. Entries are due to the district by next Friday. From there district judges are assembled to choose a first place and an honorable mention winner for each grade in the following categories: poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. We will let you know when we hear of results!

Author Visit
Students in grades K-2 will be heading the Teton County Library next Wednesday during literacy to hear a presentation by the Author Eric Litwin (he wrote the first 4 Pete the Cat books, Groovy Joe, and a few others). Thanks to the library for hosting us at this event. It is always inspiring to hear directly from authors about their work!

End of the Trimester
Winter trimester comes to a close next Friday. The early release on that day is for students only; teachers will be at school through the afternoon to work on assessments, grades, and reports. It will still be a few more weeks before reports make it home to you. Thanks for your patience.
We will also be changing up dens and afternoon rotations for the final trimester. This allows students a fresh perspective and helps to alleviate cabin fever. Everyone still has lunch and two recesses together, but their afternoon rotations will look different. K-1 students will be working on a play for the final trimester.

The second and third Grade Play, Dreamcatcher, is next Tuesday, March 7, at 2:30 in the Dining Lodge. We hope to see you there! Many thanks to Norene, and parent volunteers, for their work on this production. Break a leg, thespians!

Math Workshop: Fridays 11:15-11:45
Every Friday from 11:15-11:45, students in grades 3-5 will be given the option to attend Math Workshop. The goal of the workshop is to excite kids about math. Rather than focusing on a specific topic or subject, the workshop is designed to strengthen students' mental math capacity and deepen their understanding of how numbers and operations relate to one another.  We've been working on number talks, order of operations (when age appropriate), and exploring alternative methods of solving complex problems. The main objective is for kids to be excited about math and to feel challenged and comfortable with being challenged in a safe/fun environment.  Topics that we will explore this spring are: pattern finding, number systems (with alternative place-values), and geometry.

James and the Giant Peach
Congratulations to Armando, Jade, and Avery for their participation in this fantastic production. We are proud of you. The fifth grade enjoyed supporting their classmates when they attended the production last week.

Thanks to Rob, Lisen, Libby, and Cindy for helping with with electives last week. Thank you to Matt McGee for helping in math class. Thank you to our snack and rag helpers Rudelle and Cindy D. Up next week, 3/10: Kjera and Cindy D.