Weather Expert to Visit
Brett McDonald, of NOAA, will be presenting the work they do at the National Weather Service, sharing tools they use to collect data, and experimenting with the phases and phase changes of water in the atmosphere in 2/3 science class over the next two weeks. Thanks to Whitney for sharing this contact with us.

Learning Team Meetings
If you have not yet signed up for Learning Team Meetings on October 23rd or 25th, please refer to the email and sign-up sheets sent from advisors and do so as soon as possible. We look forward to listening, sharing, and celebrating your child/ren with you.

Halloween Happenings
For Halloween, we invite students to dress up for our Halloween parade that will take place between 8:30 and 8:45am on Tuesday morning. We meet in elementary and admire handy-work and then parade through the middle and high school and back to elementary where class celebrations will take place. We ask for blood/gore and weapons to be left at home for Halloween night (we parade with Pre-K and want to stay rated G). Parents are welcome to stay during drop off and watch the parade, or dress up themselves!

Megan and Tracy's class then invites parents to stay for an author's tea post parade.

Garrett and Rachael's class will be journeying off campus that afternoon with Robbie Bond, a fourth grade speaker at the Shift Festival Stay tuned to hear more about their work with Robbie and the SHIFT festival.

Dia de los Muertos
The entire elementary will be learning about Dia de los Muertos on the afternoon of Novemember 1st with the help of the eighth grade advanced Spanish students. Students will participate in multiple stations. Thanks to George for coordinating.

Thank You, Grandparents!

We really enjoyed having grandparents attend classes with students. Thank you to all the families for making this possible.

Thank you to Meladi for providing a delicious lunch for teachers during our in-service day. Thank you to Vonde and Tamsen for help with snacks and rags and to Vonde and Lisen who will take on those responsibilities next Thursday (NO SCHOOL FRIDAY the 27th). Heidi Jost is up for both on 11/3.