We are excited about the learning and community connections that took place during our journeys to the Murie Center, into the world of phenology, and to Pinedale. Students interacted with cartographers, biologists, oil and gas workers, explorers, and meteorologists. Ask your children questions about specific information they learned and new experiences they had. Thank you for all of the parent support with gear, snacks, and logistics!

Monday Journey to WILD Fest
The entire elementary will be off campus from 10:45am until 2:00pm on Monday and will need to pack a FIELD LUNCH that day. We have the opportunity to take part in a special day for schools that WILD Fest is offering. Students will be immersed in science  as they "spy the wild and the chemistry of light and liquid" and rotate through hands-on science stations.


Thank you to all those experts working with us on our journeys and to JJ Healy for hosting our 4-5 group in Pinedale. Thank you to Meladi, Lisen, and Camelia for support with snacks and rags. Next up on 10/6 for snacks and rags: Andrea Mercuri and then on 10/12 (not 13 since that is a no school day): Neesha and Betsy.