ERB Week for 3-5 Grade Students
May 15-19 will be our testing week for third through fifth grade students. A letter was sent home in folders with additional information on Tuesday. If there are any parents who would like to make 50 hearty "brain" snacks on M -Th, please email Shannon. The students enjoy the special healthy snacks while they are working so hard!

Journeys Approaching
There will be information coming home mid-month about our upcoming journeys (5th Grade Journey Info Night this Wednesday). For planning purposes, here are dates and locations:
May 30- June 1 (Change from the original dates)
K-1: Teton Valley, Idaho (one overnight on May 31 at Journeys School)
2nd grade: Yellowstone (two overnights)
3rd-4th grade: Thermopolis, Wyoming (two overnights)

5th grade: Colorado River; May 30- June 3 (four overnights)

Exciting Events and Opportunities Coming UP:

May 5th: JS Talent Show
May 13th: Eco Fair
May 20th: Makers Faire
May 22-26th: 5th Grade Capstone Presentations
May 25th: Elementary Art Show 1:15 to 3:15
June 5-9: Second Grade Capstone Presentations
June 7th: Graduation (mandatory for fifth grade students)


We appreciate the appreciation! Special thanks to Rudelle and Meladi for the extra effort during Teacher Appreciation Week and thanks to all of the parents who expressed gratitude. Thank you to our snack/rag volunteers for the remainder of the year!
5/5 Lisen/snack, Cindy D./rags
5/12 Amy T./snack, Amanda/rags
5/19 Cindy D./rags
5/26 Deanna/snack, Cindy D./rags
6/2 Heidi/snack, Cindy D./rags
6/9 Corbin/rags
6/16 Cindy D./rags--