Go West a Huge Success!
The fourth and fifth grade students showed hard work, collaboration, and fantastic musical and presentation skills last week during their play "Go West". Thank you to Norene and all of the parents who supported this fantastic production.

Enjoy the Break
Everybody needs time to replenish. Enjoy some meaningful family time and a week of gratitude next week. This week in elementary will include some good reflection time about 'thanksgiving'. Second and fifth grade students participated in a cross-level activity about the lessons to be learned from Squanto. We will also have additional cross-level activities that celebrate our gratitude.

Big 5 After Break
Please make sure your student brings the Big 5 to school after break in order to be prepared for WINTER!

Read- Read- Read
Enjoy some time reading as a family. Setting an example for your child of sitting down to cozy up and read over the break will go a long way in encouraging them to do the same. Aim for an hour of reading each day!

Trimester Reports
Reports will not be sent until after the break. Thank you for your patience!

Lunch and Recess Flip
When we return from break the elementary school is going to experiment with a flip of lunch and recess. There is a lot of research that supports having recess before lunch. It is shown to reduce recess conflicts, increase positive transition behavior, reduce food waste, and create a more beneficial eating environment. Please be aware of this schedule change in December. We will collect data to determine whether or not we will continue this in January. If you have any anecdotal feedback from the home perspective, please email Shannon. Also, packing an extra hardy morning snack is advised to help children make it to 12:05 for lunch!

Thank you to Heather, Patricia, and Aimee for supporting snacks and rags last week and Laura V. , Amy G., and Amanda for helping this week.  Next up for 12/2 is Katie Confer and Jill Vatter.