Upcoming Exam Dates
All Journeys high school students take the PSAT. Eleventh grade students take the exam in the fall. Ninth and tenth grade students take it in the spring. Ninth and Tenth grade students are scheduled to take the PSAT at Journeys School the morning of Wednesday, March 14. The PSAT for ninth and tenth grade meets two purposes: practice for students in preparation for the eleventh grade PSAT/NMSQT, and it provides data that help teachers understand where there might be gaps in curriculum. The ninth and tenth grade PSAT has no bearing on students, either in school or for the National Merit Scholar program. Students can opt to take test practice here: PSAT 10 practice test.

Additionally, in an effort to encourage application to college, the State of Wyoming offers to all Wyoming eleventh grade students the opportunity to take the ACT for free. Journeys School students have taken advantage of this opportunity since its inception. This year, eleventh grade students will take the ACT at Journeys School the morning of Tuesday, March 20.


Earth Science Guest Speaker
This past week John Hebberger Jr. visited Journeys School and spoke with the 9th and 10th grade students about topics currently being covered in their Earth Science course. John is a member of the Geologists of Jackson Hole and the title of his presentation was Energy in Wyoming and the World: Critical Choices and Costs. His lecture served as the introduction to the latest unit in 9/10 science related to the study of fossil fuels.