Student Showcase
Thursday June 9th 9:45-12:00
High School Classrooms

All parents of grades 9-11 students are invited to join us in the high school classrooms the morning of June 9, 9:45-10:45 am for student portfolio sharing of learning and reflections of the year and 11:00 am-12:00 pm for journey presentations from our spring journey.  We will have three focus groups presenting on their findings concerning the economic, ecological, and social/cultural sustainability of Bozeman, Montana.

Clean Out Your Cubbies!
Over the course of a school year and three seasons of Jackson Hole weather, it is natural for students to accumulate items at school. Now that summer is lurking, please encourage your student to take work and personal items home. Whether it is that piece of beautiful artwork from the fall semester, the extra jacket from a cold January day, or extra journals, please take home all personal items. Our buildings will be used by summer programs and we want to make sure that we leave them in excellent order for visitors!

Help Bring Sohaib Back!
Many or our lives were wonderfully enriched by Sohaib Nashit’s year at Journeys School from 2014-2015. Now Sohaib has been selected for a 2 week summer experience at Yale University in July, their “Young Global Scholars” program. He has a 90% scholarship, his family has paid the remaining 10%, he has found a donor to help with his Visa fees (which has now been approved), but he has reached out for help with his airfare. It’s approximately $1000 for his round trip ticket from Pakistan to New York City, it’s $1700-1800 if we add on 9 days in Jackson Hole from July 21-30th for him. Sohaib's host family from his year at Journeys School is reaching out to the Journeys Community to try to help Sohaib achieve his goals of returning to the US. Beginning Friday, June 3 there will be donation jars at the Journeys School office, as well as elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms, and at Community Lunch this Friday and next Friday. Your students may come home with Sohaib buttons too. When you are on campus or around school, please feel free to contribute or send in something with your student.  Any checks can be made out to Jennifer Reichert, as she is purchasing Sohaib’s ticket here in the US. This is a community opportunity to contribute, not an official school fundraising activity. Please contact Jennifer with any questions or concerns: (307) 699-0016 or Thank you!