College Rep Visits
College admissions representatives have started annual visits to Journeys School to promote their programs and inform our students about the college experience. To date representatives from Denver University and Fort Lewis College have been on campus. Other college admissions visitors in September will come from Middlebury College and University of Puget Sound. See Matt Koehler for details.

Homecoming Dance
The JHHS Homecoming dance takes place Saturday, September 17 at Jackson Hole High School. All Journeys high school students are invited to attend. Thank you to Norene Cannedy and Tracy Mulligan for chaperoning.

School Photos
Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday, September 22, 26, and 27

Neal Henderson from Reaction Photo will be on campus soon to take photos of Journeys School students. The schedule for photo days is:
• Thursday, September 22: Pre-k, middle school and high school, and sibling photos that do not involve elementary students (elementary students will be off-campus)
• Monday, September 26: Pre-k, group/class photos for all levels, senior photos (individual and group), and sibling photos for families with children in elementary and in middle/high school
• Tuesday, September 27: Pre-k, elementary, and sibling photos that involve only pre-k and K-12
You do not need to request sibling photos; the photographer will take sibling photos for all applicable families. If you want to purchase photos, they will be posted online (password protected) at If you have any questions for the photographer, please call Neal at (307) 690-6177.