Parent/Teacher Conferences
Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday October 27
High School Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place the afternoons and evenings of Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday October 27. These conferences offer the opportunity for parents to meet for 10 minutes (or more) with all of their child's teachers. An online sign up system will be distributed the week of October 17.

Fall Backpacking Journey
Last week most high school students were in the GYE backcountry stretching their comfort zones, learning how to stay dry in inclement weather, and building strong community ties to last throughout the year. The four route itineraries were: Goodwin Lake to Cache Peak, Cascade Canyon, Cascade to Paintbrush Canyons and Granite Canyon to the JHMR Tram. All four groups had successful trips camping out three nights and returning safely Friday afternoon.

9/10 Service Learning
Next Tuesday, September 27th, the 9th and 10th grade students will be participating in a service learning activity. Students will depart campus immediately following 3rd block, 12:10pm, and return at the end of the school day, approximately 3:15pm. Students will be in two mixed-grade groups and complete one of two service learning projects. One group will visit R-Park in Wilson and work with Elisabeth Rohrbach to clean up the park, including pulling weeds, spreading bark, trimming tree limbs and various other jobs as needed. The second group will meet with Amy Collett of Teton County Weed and Pest pulling invasive species and trimming flowers/seeds to prevent invasive species from proliferating. The location for the second group has yet to be determined.

Professional Development - International Baccalaureate Workshop

Matt Daly and Amanda Kern will depart Jackson on Friday after school to attend an International Baccalaureate workshop in Denver, CO. Matt is enrolled in the workshop in order to increase his understanding of the Extended Essay required of Diploma Program students. Amanda will be participating in a Category II Diploma Program Biology workshop to improve her implementation of both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) DP Biology. Both Matt and Amanda will return to Jackson Monday evening.

Teen Athlete Heart Screening (free, ages 14-18)
Local teens who participate in school and community sports are now able to be screened for potentially fatal genetic heart conditions as part of a new program at St. John's Medical Center. The first heart screening clinic is scheduled for Saturday, October 8, from 8 am to noon at the hospital. For the full press release, including information on how to sign up for an appointment, please go to:

Baseline Concussion Screening ($15, ages 10 and up)
St John’s Cognitive Health offers concussion baseline testing for youth athletes using the computerized cognitive test imPACT. The imPACT test measures abilities in verbal and visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time, and provides comparison to standardized norms. It is appropriate for children ages 10 and up. Baseline concussion tests are available for a $15 fee and can be scheduled by calling (307) 739-7434. Baseline testing is recommended for youth athletes at least every 2 years and each time a head injury is sustained. Please click here for more information.