Lunch Provided for all High School Students October 19
A friend of the school provided lunch from Pica’s on Wednesday. Thank you from the high school students and faculty to this friend of the school who provided lunch in recognition of 11th grade students taking the PSAT exam. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Theory of Knowledge Presentations
Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a core class in the Diploma Program.  It is an introduction to epistemology course and students have the opportunity to reflect on the nature of knowledge across a multitude of subject areas.  Students have two official IB assessments for this class: an essay and a presentation. The TOK presentation is an exploration of knowledge, where students develop and analyze a knowledge question based on a real-life situation that is of interest to them.  They will be presenting next week and all are welcome to attend!  The topics are intriguing!  The schedule is below.  Each presentation will be about 10 minutes with a few minutes for questions at the end of each one.  Presentations will take place in the HS lab. For any questions or further information, please contact

Wednesday, October 26 at 2:15
Emma:  When is it justifiable to limit an individual’s autonomy?
David: How can we justify prioritizing economics over ethics?
Andreas: To what extent can censorship be justified?

Thursday, October 27 at 2:15
Griffin: How can we justify personal bias when determining accountability?
Adele: How does sensory perception influence perspective?
Rainer: What is reality?  How do we know what is real?
Adriana:To what extent can we hold memory reliable?

Tuesday, November 1 at 2:15
Luke: To what extent does reason and emotion affect decision making?
Nancy: To what extent can we differentiate right and wrong?