TSS Graduate Students
On Monday, the high school welcomed Kirk Amos, a TSS Graduate Student, who will be serving as student teacher for the next six weeks. His main focus is Amanda’s 9/10 chemistry courses though he will also be facilitating a weekly supplemental class for HL Biology seniors. Kirk will also be jumping in at various times to support high school faculty efforts including participating in evening activities during the high school journey to Kelly. Amanda is excited to again be able to host a graduate student in her classes.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
Juniors have begun the Theory of Knowledge course this semester.  This one year IB course is an introduction to epistemology class that focuses on students as "knowers".  It is a class for exploring how we acquire and share knowledge.  Largely a discussion-based critical thinking course, students build understanding through  knowledge questions and taking a global perspective. One central objective for the course is to develop students as inquirers and analyze the implications of knowledge in an ever evolving and more interconnected world.

IB Diploma Program Assessments
Although the formal period for IB exams does not take place until May of the twelfth grade year, assessment in the program takes place throughout the eleventh and twelfth grades. Students in eleventh grade English just completed what is called the Individual Oral Presentation, an IB internal assessment, and twelfth grade recently completed their Individual Oral Commentary. Twelfth grade students also recently submitted the Theory of Knowledge essays and planning forms for their oral presentations, a research project in 20th Century World History known as the Historical Investigation, and all eleventh and twelfth grade students will take part in the Group 4 Project on our winter journey, a student-designed and completed science experiment. Soon we will submit to IB twelfth grade students' extended essays and other assessments we've been collecting and holding for submission.

Immersion Student - Maja Schmittenberg
This week a new student joined the high school community all the way from Germany. Maja Schmittenberg is a 9th grade students who will be at Journeys School for the next six weeks with the goal of an immersion experience in an American school. Her family has spent summers in Jackson and have wanted to vacation here in the winter as well. The high school community is excited to have a new student. Please join us in welcoming Maja to our community!