11/12 Winter Journey - Group 4 Project
Out in Grand Teton National Park on the TSS Kelly Campus, 11th and 12th grade students participated in scientific group research projects aimed at encouraging understanding the relationship between scientific disciplines and the overarching nature of the scientific method. In what International Baccalaureate calls the ‘Group 4 Project’ teams of students collaborated to develop a research based project, collect data, analyze and present their findings on any topic covered in their physics or biology courses. It is key that the work presented as a result of the G4 Project research is evidence-based and of a level of sophistication worthy of IB Diploma students and above

9/10 Winter Journey - Design Cycle
During the winter journey at the TSS Kelly Campus 9th and 10th grade students employed the design cycle with the purpose of improving human rights in the high school. Students identified needs based on a “human rights temperature” survey completed by all high school students. Based on analysis of the survey results, groups of four to five students selected one right to support. They created proposals for a PR campaign and a high school community event to support the plan. Evening programming focused on community discussions, leadership initiatives, and silly games. We are thankful of the Kelly Campus staff for the support and making us feel at home.

Congratulations Cici! 

Cici Chavez recieved a full scholarship to an IB conference in Rochester, NY next summer.  There were only four scholarships awarded in the Rocky Mountain region!  Students from all over the world will be attending this one week conference.  The theme is Defining and Defying Boundaries. Way to go, Cici!