TSS Graduate Students
For the past six weeks, two TSS graduate students have been teaching and learning in high school science and math courses. Kirk Amos has been working with Amanda, expanding his teaching abilities in chemistry and biology. Kirk’s student teaching experience culminated this week as he planned and implemented the week’s chemistry lessons for 9th and 10th grade students. Ashley Babcock has been working with John Williams assisting in both his middle school Individuals & Societies classes as well as his high school SL Math course. As with Kirk, Ashley was the main instructor this past week for SL Math. Both high school faculty and students thank Kirk and Ashley for their dedication to teaching and learning over the past six weeks.

IB Diploma Program Meeting
Wednesday, March 22, 5:15pm
High School Building

On March 22 Matt Koehler and David Porter will present the IB diploma program, options for the 11th and 12th grade years, and how one's college admissions desires will inform the choices of options and courses. It is expected that at least one parent of 10th grade students attend. Parents of 9th grade students are welcome to join us, but participation is not mandatory.