Swiss Exchange Student
Journeys School is getting a short-term Swiss exchange student! Ella Eggenberger arrives on Saturday and will be enrolled in 10th grade until November 2. She will be staying with Heidi Kohler. Please join us in welcoming her on Monday!

Seeking Pillows
We are looking for old pillows and cushions (preferably with removable/washable covers) to create a reading nook in the high school. If you have any to donate, please pass them to Shoshana.  Gracias!

Jeff Bucholtz at Journeys School
Friday, September 29
The Community Safety Network is sponsoring speaker Jeff Bucholtz again this year. Mr. Bucholtz, who has met with Journeys School students several times in recent years, will return Friday, September 29 to talk with high school students about combatting sexual violence and building strong, healthy relationships. This year Mr. Bucholtz will address objectification of the sexes, particularly girls.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Save the dates: Parent/Teacher conferences will take place Wednesday, October 18 and Wednesday, October 25 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. These short conferences - eight minutes per teacher - provide an opportunity for parents to meet with all of their child’s teachers to hear about strengths and challenges. In early October you will receive an email inviting you to sign up for conference meetings.

Free Heart Screenings
St. John's Medical Center is offering free heart screenings to test for genetic heart conditions for student athletes in grades 9-12. The screenings will be offered on Saturday, October 14.  Registration is required. Click here for the full news release, and click here to register for the event.
Please direct any questions to Karen Connelly at St. John's Medical Center: (307) 739-7380,