International Travel Opportunity for Students
Amanda Kern and Wendy Russell are organizing a Spanish immersion trip to the Amazon rainforest of Peru for this upcoming June. Together they are developing a travel experience for high school level students that will involve language immersion, a service-learning project and authentic scientific research in the Peruvian Amazon. Students will fly from Jackson to Puerto Maldonado, Peru. From here we will catch a boat for the day-long venture up the Los Amigos River to a scientific research station located in the lowland Amazonian forest at the base of Peru’s southern Andes. Owned and managed by the Amazon Conservation Association, the Los Amigos Biological Station sits at the tip of a peninsula on a high terrace between the Madre de Dios and Los Amigos Rivers and provides easy access to various forest types and aquatic habitats.
Coordinating with the scientific coordinator at the research station, participating students will have the opportunity to work with a resident biologist, learning about their specific research project and assisting with data collection and analysis. Additionally, Los Amigos Biological Station is an isolated conservation concession located in an area heavily mined for gold, copper, and molybdenum. This dichotomy of preservation and industry will provide an opportunity for students to explore the balance between the use of land for extraction of needed materials compared to conservation and research.
There is FaceBook group page where information will be posted before, during and after our trip: