Halloween Party for MS & HS Students
Thursday, October 26, 4:00-6:00 pm (no school the next day!)

Students: Please join us for at the (free!) Halloween Party at Hole Bowl for middle and high school students! We'll have a costume contest, bowling, snacks, and more! Please RSVP to Warren at warren.samuels@journeysschool.org and click here for more info.

The high school faculty would like to thank all of the parents who attended parent/teacher conferences on October 18. We look forward to seeing more of you on October 25. A special thanks to those who were able to provide snacks and drinks. They helped us make it through a long day of work. If those attending on October 25 are able to bring snacks or drinks, we would very much appreciate it.

Friday Classes on a Thursday

On Thursday, October 26th we will run a Friday schedule. This supports classes that miss many Fridays throughout the year. (Friday, October 27 is a no school day.)

Fun Happenings in 9/10 Spanish

  • Next week in 9/10 Spanish, Grupo Condor, a multicultural folk ensemble, will come and present their bilingual music, dance and storytelling show, as part of Teton County Library Latino Heritage month series.  The group will present and workshop with students on October 25 and 26. In this workshop, students will learn about the Calavera literary tradition's social and cultural functions in Mexican culture. Exploring the written traditions, they will inspire participants to create their own Calaveras poem.  Muchas gracias to Patricia Rocha for setting this up for our students!
  • In 9/10 E Spanish, students are finishing up their “El mundo en mito” unit.  For their final project, students wrote their own creation myth in the form of a children’s book.  With a multitude of options, students chose from a traditional creation myth, a locally focused myth, or a modern ‘politically correct’ myth.  On Tuesday October 24, students will head down to the elementary school to read their myths to the younger students.