Soap Making
TSS graduate student, Kirk Amos, organized an afternoon of soap making, providing real life application of chemistry content being covered in 9/10 science classes. Students from grades 9-12 participated in the opportunity, learning the process of how soap is produced. The soap is currently curing in the high school lab while we wait for it to be ready for use. The lab smells like a delicious mix of lavender and chocolate! Students who participated in the soap making earned creativity hours that can be applied toward their CAS requirements.

IB Diploma Program Meeting March 22
On March 22 at 5:15 in the high school Matt Koehler and David Porter will present the IB diploma program, options for the 11th and 12th grade years, and how one's college admissions desires will inform the choices of options and courses. It is expected that at least one parent of each 10th grade students attend. Parents of 9th grade students are welcome to join us, but participation is not mandatory.

Thank you to the Regan family for providing many pies on Pi day for the middle and high school communities!

Educational and Employment Opportunities in the Community and Beyond

University of Texas 2017 Global Ethics and Conflict Resolution Summer Symposium
Tuition ranges from $635 to $1400, with need-based scholarships available at
all levels. For more information, please visit

Grand Teton National Park Youth Conservation Program

This is a 10-week paid educational work program for students ages 16-19 and provides an opportunity for young people to work and learn in Grand Teton. Students work four 10-hour days Monday-Thursday and transportation is available to and from Jackson each day. Contact Elizabeth Koutrelakos for more information -  David can also forward the application if you’re interested.

Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team

The sailing team is rigging up for summer programming. Sign up now and have the experience of a lifetime. The team will accept both adults and kids over the age of 12. Contact Capt. George Bailey for more information.

Aviation Program and Scholarships

Every year the local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) chapter donates one or two scholarships (Young Eagles Scholarships) for high school students to be trained for a Private Pilot’s license, all the costs of renting the aircraft and instructor. The student just has to pick up a couple of hundred dollars of books and navigation supplies. Our EAA Chapter 1049 website, describing the scholarships, is: The Community Foundation website re. the scholarships is: EAA has had several of the recipients go on to careers in airline aviation, general aviation, and military aviation, which is very rewarding for all concerned! The president of the local EAA chapter is Chris Schuehler. His email is and his cell phone is (307) 413-4185. Chris can provide more information re. the application and selection process, which is coming up soon