Academic Excellence
In Individuals & Society and Science classes, students are engaging in an interdisciplinary study of the roll plate tectonics have in the distribution of natural resources and how those resources influence the human experience.

Outstanding Relationships

Each day, all middle school faculty debrief the day and share observations about students. This past Tuesday, patterns were noted about several students that may have otherwise been missed without this sharing opportunity. As a result, teachers and advisors are more actively able to support students in growth and learning.

Global Citizenship
In Spanish classes, students are engaged in a project that examines the breadth of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Students' awareness of other cultures and societies is growing through this project.

Place-Based Education
In math classes, students are analyzing the mathematics of this year's election. Students are engaged in understanding the statistics of polling and the complex breakdown of the electoral college.


Parent Student Conferences
Please take a moment to sign up for Parent Student Conferences. Note that cross-level & part-time teachers are only available on Monday or on Tuesday.
These conferences will take the place of fall LTM's (Learning Team Meetings). Remember, students are required to attend if possible.
Please contact Ethan with questions or concerns - or (307) 734-9855.

Rag Washing Volunteers
Thank you to all the middle school parents who have signed up to pick up and wash our cleaning rags. We are 90% signed up for theschool year. If it is your week to support us, please drive up to the middle school and find a faculty member to help you load the rags. If you haven't had a chance to sign up and would like to, please click here.
The current list of parent volunteers includes:
11/04/2016 (Friday)    Amy Goicoechea
11/10/2016 (Thursday) Tamsen Pruzan
12/02/2016 (Friday)    Addie Hare
12/09/2016 (Friday)    Carly Schupman
12/16/2016 (Friday)    Joohee Muromcew