8th Grade Visit Day in the High School
Tuesday, November 8

During 1st block all 8th grade students will go to band with the 9th grade. The following students will also spend the entire day in the high school, paired with a host student in 9th or 10th grade: Connor, Emma, George, Lily, Mary, Mitch, Scarlette, and Will. Lunch will be provided for the 8th grade students spending the entire day in the high school. 

High School Information Night
Wednesday, November 9, 5:30pm in the High School

We ask that 8th grade students and their parents join us for our High School Information Night from 5:30-7pm. Take some mini-classes with high school faculty and learn more about what it is like to be a part of the Journeys High School community.

Doktor Kaboom The Center for the Arts TheaterSunday, November 6 at 6 pm
Tickets are $17-$29. For tickets, call 733 4900 or buy online, http://www.jhcenterforthearts.org/calendar/events/doktor-kaboom

"Doktor Kaboom is one of the most innovative science presentations that I've ever seen - especially for young kids. An hour of Doktor Kaboom will remind anyone why science is fun. My four-year-old son loved it, and there's plenty of material to spark deeper discussions among older kids about the fundamental nature of science. As an adult, this show made me feel like a kid; as a father, it was a great experience with my son. When you get an opportunity to combine those two things, you really can't go wrong."Andrew Zimmerman Jones, ABOUT EDUCATION 

Academic Excellence 

The first quarter came to an end on October 28th. Teachers are currently grading summative assessments and writing advisor comments that reflect on the efforts of students over the first quarter. Beyond the discussions that were shared last week during parent conferences, the data [Q1 grades & comments] from this point in the year is another opportunity to understand the learning successes and areas for more learning for your child. Please reach out to teachers if you have questions or need further clarification.

Outstanding Relationships

Lead faculty, Ethan Lobdell, attended a professional development training in Seattle, WA on “The mindful classroom” last week. Tina Bryson Ph.D. led the workshop and is the co-author with Daniel Siegel M.D of books that address discipline, relationships, and the brain. The theoretical framework that Doctor Siegel & Bryson operate under is called interpersonal neurobiology(IPBN) and studies the way the brain grows and is influenced by personal relationships. Recent studies have discovered that brain growth occurs throughout the lifespan of a human. IPNB explores the potential for healing trauma by using positive and secure influences on the brain. Stay tuned for future enhancements of our middle school program based off of this research.

Global Citizenship

In Spanish class, students are working on a summative assessment to present, orally, on a country of their choosing. Students are expected to research and communicate about the religion, flag, festivals, fun facts and key tourist locations of their country. Ask your child to practice their presentation in front of you to support their learning and maybe yours.

Place-based education

This week, the middle school faculty are reviewing opportunities to work with the community safety network and GAP (Girls Actively Participating) to find ways to enrich our programming in the middle school. Students have expressed interested in learning better social skills, empathy skills, and other social-emotional development. We are hoping to utilize their interests in those areas to find community experts to engage them in learning those skills.

Teton Science School Experts support 8th grade Capstone Project

Last Thursday, six Teton Science School staff gave their time and expertise to the 8th grade class with the goal of supporting their service learning project. 8th grade students have used the design cycle to inform their process as they plan an event to raise awareness for Jackson’s PFLAG. Hannah Orcutt, Development Event and Campaign Coordinator, discussed how to create a ‘run of show’ for a large event to our event overview committee. Reid Bauer, Instructional Technology Specialist, gave feedback to our research group on the design and content of a survey they created. Executive Director, Chris Agnew, instructed students on budget management and how to prep a speaker before an event. Senior Director of Operations, Jody Donovan, coached students on movie selections, encouraging students to choose something related to the theme that is also age appropriate. Warren Samuels, Admissions Director, advised students how to search for a great deal when ordering apparel for an event. Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Nick Delmolino, worked with the communications committee to brainstorm cost effective and efficient ways to market an event. Mark Houser, the President of Jackson PFLAG, also joined to be a sound board for the student groups. A huge thank you to all of these talented people for their time. Stay tuned for more information about the event, but for now save the date: Friday, December 2nd from 5-8pm.