Trip to the Galapagos Islands!
Watch your inbox for an email from middle school Spanish teacher, Wendy Russell, about a meeting she will have following Thanksgiving Break to discuss the possibility of a summer language trip to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. The meeting is to gauge community interest, propose possible dates, discuss length of travel and cost. If we move forward on this immersive travel opportunity, it will be offered to rising freshman and older who attend Journey School and Jackson Community School.  If friends of students are interested, each will be considered based on available space and with a recommendation from a Journeys School parent.

To Olivia's Math Students:
Looking for ways to do math over the break?  Here are three options that are always available to students:
1. Game Master Booklet!  Students created puzzles at the beginning of the year and opted in to including their puzzle in the final game master book.   Try some problems out at home!  Take them on the airplane or on those long road-trips to far away ski hills.
2. Unit Enrichment Packets.  Unit Enrichment packets are extended problems that relate directly to the unit that we are studying.  Students can always ask for a packet to take home and will be given extra credit based on their work on these problems.
3. Recommended exercises on Khan Academy. Minutes spent outside of class practicing on Khan Academy will be counted at the end of each semester and added as an extra credit grade in the grade book.