Photos for Achievement Celebration
We need actions shots of  middle and high school students participating in 2016-17 team or individual athletics, performing arts, or extra-curricular academics for the Achievement Celebration slide show. Parents are invited to join us for the Achievement Celebration, which will be after Community Lunch on Friday, June 9. Please send photos to no later than Wednesday, May 31. Sorry, but photos sent after May 31 will not be used in the slide show.

Capstone Rite-of-Passage Journey
The 8th grade students are busily preparing for the Rite-of-Passage journey next week in the foothills of the Wind River Range. Like the many classes of 8th grade students before them, they are both excited and anxious. With the guidance of John Williams, Kelly Samuels, and Kate Schelbe, along with Kevin Taylor, a primitive skills expert, students will be well-prepared for the journey. Recently, Kevin provided an introduction to fire-making with flint and steel. A letter outlining the journey, including a packing list, was emailed to parents and should be in your possession. Please contact John Williams if you need an additional copy of the letter or have other questions at

The writing process for the Braided Essay consists of writing each narrative in its entirety first. All of the braids are connected by a theme or message that resounds in each of the stories. The last step is weaving all of the narratives together to create a cohesive braided essay. The first narrative is a Historical Braid. Students researched a family member through three interviews and research of the time period and place in which a significant event occurred in that person’s life. Students then chose an experience in their life (whether it was a move, a trip in the wilderness, or the discovery of a special talent or passion) that changed their perspective on life or the way they act and wrote a personal narrative, or Personal Braid, about this event. The last Symbolic Braid will be explored during the students’ Rite-of-Passage journey, the week of May 22nd.