Photos for Achievement Celebration
We need actions shots of  middle and high school students participating in 2016-17 team or individual athletics, performing arts, or extra-curricular academics for the Achievement Celebration slide show. Parents are invited to join us for the Achievement Celebration, which will be after Community Lunch on Friday, June 9. Please send photos to no later than Wednesday, May 31. Sorry, but photos sent after May 31 will not be used in the slide show.

The Rite of Passage journey departed Tuesday, May 23rd for foothills of the Wind River Range. Students had been preparing for several weeks under the tutelage of Teton Science Schools faculty member, Kevin Taylor, as well as John, Kelly, Kate, and Jon. While on the journey, students cooked food using Dutch ovens, constructed shelters with tarp p-cord and natural objects, and reflected on their middle school experience as they prepare for high school.

In addition, students had a chance to work on their Braided Essays. With the Historical and Personal Braids complete, and coats of arms created, the last narrative to write is the Symbolic Braid. During their solo, students had an opportunity to find a spirit animal, an animal that symbolically represents their personality and character traits that they will take with them into the future. The Symbolic Braid is a narrative written about that animal that will help glue the other two braids together, binding the themes of all three narratives. Students' essays and coat of arms will be on display during Capstone Presentations, the last week of school.