Outdoor PE - Is Your Student Prepared?
It is officially fall and there are days when it will be wet and cold outside. At Journeys School, we believe students should maximize their time outside and we would like to make sure students can do that in such a way where they are comfortable and prepared. Therefore, PE will continue to be held outside most days throughout the year, except in extreme weather conditions. In order to be prepared for PE, we would like students to have clothing that is flexible to wear, warm, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate. The following items are specific to support students being prepared for the cold and wet conditions:
2.Water resistant shoes or boots capable of running
3. Snow pants
4. Down jacket
5. A warm hat
6. Other layers: long underwear, fleece, warm socks etc.
Should we have inclement weather, students should be prepared to participate in PE with the above items available to them. This is an expectation for them to meet to be appropriately prepared for class. If you have any questions or need clarification, please direct your questions to Whitney Caskey, our PE teacher, at whitney.caskey@journeysschool.org. Thank you!