On Your Child’s Mind
What is your child studying in language arts and math, and exploring in their new electives? Read on and find out!

Language Arts: Students read the Newberry Honor book, An American Plague by Jim Murphy, to learn about the Philadelphia yellow fever epidemic in 1793. Students are introduced to primary sources and ways to express a lot of information in creative and engaging ways. Throughout the reading students learn about the social impacts of disease and make connections between text, self, studies in science, and the world today. Students work in small groups and on their own to answer questions (guided notes) about the reading to monitor comprehension. This book exposes students to nonfiction writing, a difficult genre, and challenges them to read something different. The final assessment is a group project integrated with science and social studies in which the students will create a podcast about a specific contemporary epidemic.

As the semester wraps up, Math 1 is transitioning from fractions to decimals. Students will start using their basic understanding of decimals to tackle difficult problems which will develop their algebraic thinking while fostering a deeper conceptual understanding of decimals and their relation to fractions. In the coming weeks parents can assist their Math 1 student(s) by working money problems with them. Because the types of questions in this unit are more challenging and students often skip details when reading important instructions, be sure to read each question carefully when assisting a student with homework.

Students in Math 2 are currently finishing their semester review packets in preparation for the upcoming semester review assessment. As a class they have been working on completing all problems in class and working on any extra work at home. This will help them be fully prepared for the assessment. The assessment will be on Monday, January 16th. At the same time, students are completing chapter work on circumference and area for circles. As a class they have solved many unusual problems dealing with a circles. Ask your child for an example of one they were able to solve, but was initially difficult.

Students in Math 3 have just finished their review assessment for the semester. This assessment was a wrap up of all material up to this point in the year as well as new material recently covered in class. The new material involved area and perimeter of different shapes. Students were challenged in class to visualize and even illustrate a variety of shapes to gain a different perspective on familiar shapes. The students will soon be starting on a new unit involving volume and capacity.

Electives: Papermaking, Claymation, and Math Madness

Papermaking with Teton Valley Artist Sarah Lott
Using materials such as broccoli, iris, kale, leeks, zucchini, old denim jeans, cedar and juniper sprigs, seeds, bark, leaves, string and feathers, students are going to make paper. They will explore ancient and current paper-making methods used by cultures around the world such as Egypt and Japan. Each student will finish the class with a collection of beautiful, functional paper for notecards, artwork, and even journal making. The seed paper will be able to be planted in the ground, and it will grow!

This semester the Claymation elective will create one or two stop-motion films. In groups of two or three, students will first script out their “shorts” and then begin the process of building their sets and sculpting their characters. Once filming is complete, they will use either iMovie, Movie Maker or Final Cut to edit their films and to add sound and credits. Each student should finish the elective with their own DVD version of their project.

Math Madness got off to a roaring start this week. Students began a new look into mathematics by exploring two new games of deterministic strategy, games that involves a mathematical strategy in order to win consistently. In coming weeks, students in Math Madness will enjoy games, logic puzzles, and word problems, all specifically set up to challenge students in a fun, relaxed environment.

Important Dates
Wednesday, January 11: Elementary Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Thursday, January 12: Pre-Kindergarten Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Wednesday, January 18: Middle School Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Tuesday, January 31: Bring a Friend Day for Grades 3-12
Wednesday, February 1: Admissions Application Deadline
Thursday, February 2: Pre-Kindergarten Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Saturday, February 4: "Snow Ball" Gala & Auction, 6pm
Thursday, February 9: Re-enrollment Deadline
Thursday, March 1: Tuition Assistance Application Deadline