Capstone Update!
Capstone students spent their first afternoon with Teton Science Schools' faculty member Kevin Taylor last week. After learning a bit about Kevin’s background with the Rite of Passage journey and his personal interests in primitive skills, the students dove into making journals for the upcoming trip. Rite of Passage journals are made of elk hide and sinew that Kevin hunted in this valley, butchered with tools he’s made, stretched and tanned, using all primitive methods. After one hour of constructing a journal that could be purchased in a store in mere minutes, the students came away with a great appreciation for the time and energy that goes into something as special as an elk hide journal. This was the first of many special lessons taught by Kevin, and the students are eager to learn more from him. This week they continued constructing their journals and began the first of several challenging experiences lighting a fire with the use of flint and steel. Faculty John Williams, Jon Wall, Kelly Samuels, and Kate Schelbe are putting the final touches on planning this experience and will be in touch with parents soon about curriculum, logistics and packing lists.

Quarter 3 Reports
Watch your mailbox for quarter 3 reports which were mailed on Friday.