Student Fundraising Initiative
Seventh grade student Ellory Hare is organizing a student initiative fundraising project for the Children's Hunger Fund. Ellory distributed fundraising boxes to students in elementary and middle school. Please return the boxes no later than Wednesday, November 16th by delivering them to Ellory or to the teachers in the elementary building. The Children's Hunger Fund is an opportunity for all of us to help feed hungry children throughout the world. Twenty-five cents feeds one child a hot meal. Imagine what our spare change or donation could make in the lives of hungry children throughout the world!

Academic Excellence
Students in science and Individuals and Society classes worked on an interdisciplinary project about the impact of plate tectonics on human existence. Check out the student presentations on Haiku, under the MS Happenings class and the announcements page. You can also click the following link   Thanks to Kelly Samuels and John Williams for putting together an excellent summative assessment to their interdisciplinary unit.

Outstanding Relationships

Students and faculty have had an opportunity to review the self-governance program. There were a lot of great reflections about the impact this program is having on students abilities to self-regulate their behavior. Staff saw a significant improvement in student’s abilities to manage themselves in comparison to years past. We are currently working to incorporate student and faculty feedback into version 2.0 of self-governance. We will be evolving into the new system after Thanksgiving break. The new system will be focused on incorporating self-awareness, empathy, and agents for positive change agents. As always, the most important aspect of this program is the development of safe relationships between students and staff where students feel completely comfortable to learn. Without that foundation, we cannot build towards a higher level of social and emotional health.

Place-Based Education

Eighth grade students have been participating in visits to the Journeys high school to better understand the learning community that is taking place right upstairs. Ask your student about their visit to the high school and some of the new experiences they had.

Global Citizenship
Starting this Wednesday, students will be involved in their digital intelligence training. This will be a weekly training that students will complete online to learn the skills outlined here. Digital intelligence and citizenship will be a critical skill as students move forward into our globalized world.