Drop Off
Thank you for dropping off your child at school by 8:50 am. This allows for enough time for your child to sign-in and transition smoothly to morning meeting by 9:00 am. We have noticed that many children are being dropped off at 9:00 or later. This can be distracting to the rest of the children at school because morning meeting begins every day at 9:00 am and on Wednesdays and Thursdays we have music from 9:00-9:30. If you find yourself running late please consider coming in at 9:30 instead so that we can help your child transition. Thank you for your support. 


Thank you to the Lynch family for providing snack this week! The next family up is the Gillett family scheduled for the week of April 18th.  If you have a conflict with the week that you are signed up for or have any questions, please direct them to Emmy at emmy.kean@journeysschool.org. Below is a reminder for upcoming weeks:
April 25th: Rohan Sundaresan
May 2nd: Mia Scharnhorst
May 9th: Anderson Everett
May 16th: Laik Daavettila
May 23rd: Talia Krasnow
May 31st  (4 day week): Quinn Overholser

Thank you families for providing delicious fresh options for your children!