New Dates For Kindergarten Visits
To prepare students for the transition, Erin, Emmy and the second year program Pre-K students will spend two half-days as a Kindergarten student in January. Pre-K students have been spending time with current K friends every month through meaningful activities such as letter writing, baking and play time. Visit days have been moved to Tuesday, January 24th and Wednesday, January 25th. If your child is in the second year program please be at school by 8am. Thank you for being flexible with having to move these dates due to the crazy weather we have been having.

R Park Journeys
We will be heading back to the R park next week, Tuesday, January 17th and Wednesday, January 18th. It will be really important that all children have their Big 5, a neck gaiter, tall socks,

We Will Be Calling You…
Your child’s advisor will be calling you over the next two weeks to answer any questions that you may have about next year’s plans. Phone calls to parents who have children in the second year program will be after the K-visit days so that your advisor can check in about plans for next year. We look forward to speaking with you.


Thank you to the Daavettila family for providing snack this week!
If your child does not come to school on a Monday, we would greatly appreciate if snack could be dropped off the Thursday or Friday before or if possible that Monday morning. This will ensure that we have enough snack for all children throughout the entire week. We truly appreciate all the delicious food parents bring in to give children adequate energy for the day.
The next family up is the Scharnhorst family scheduled for the week of January 16th.  
If you have a conflict with the week that you are signed up for or have any questions, please direct them to Paige at

Below is a reminder for upcoming weeks:
January 23rd: Miles Koehler
January 30th: Nora Nydam
February 6th: Reed Stephenson
Thank you families for providing delicious fresh options for your children.