Achievement Celebration Photos
It's that time of year again to celebrate middle and high school students' achievements in extra curricular activities! The Achievement Celebration will take place on Friday, June 3rd at 1:00pm in the dining lodge, and parents are invited!  Please help us by sending any pictures you may have of your child participating in sports, plays, debates, robotics, competitions, etc.! Please send your photos to by Tuesday, June 1st so we can include them in our slide show at the Achievement Celebration. Thank you all very much. We can't wait to see our students in action!

ERB CTP-4 Testing
Tuesday-Friday, May 31-June 3

Middle school students will take the ERB CTP-4 standardized tests from Tuesday, May 31 to Friday, June 3. If you have any questions regarding these tests and the schedule, please contact Kate Schelbe at

Science Semester Reflection

Each semester, middle school students have a reflection that they are required to share with a parent and get a signature. The aims of this assignment are to encourage the student to look back on all that he or she has learned this semester, celebrate his or her accomplishments, think ahead to areas of improvement for the future, and – perhaps most importantly – take a little time out of their busy lives to connect with you, the parents. Some students talk about what they are doing in school on a regular basis more than others, but it is my hope that you enjoy this time with them to gain insight into what they have enjoyed and learned throughout the semester. If you have not yet had the chance to sit down with your student and sign the reflection, please do so as soon as you are able. Please contact Sarah Kate with questions (