Academic Excellence
Students in English class are currently working on their hero’s journey narrative writing. They are using the model of the hero’s journey to guide them in their search for personal passion and place-based connections. Please ask your child about how they are using sensory language or an active voice to engage their audience.

Outstanding Relationships
Student, teacher, and parent conferences have been happening this week. Students have an opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences thus far this fall. Outstanding relationships between parents, teachers, and students are foundational for successful learning. If you did not have an opportunity to meet with teachers, please take a moment to reach out to your child’s teachers.

Global Citizenship
In Design class, students are currently engaged in a unit focused on the election. They are working to design the best solutions for communicating with their peers on issues that matter to them. They are required to present both sides of an issue and determine the best way to discuss issues in non-threatening formats. Students are curious about transgender rights, gun rights, animal rights, and death penalty issues. Students are engaged with issues that have national and potentially global implications through the designing of solutions to move these issues forward in productive and thoughtful ways.

Place-based Education
As in previous years, the first project for the 8th grade capstone students is to design and implement a project that supports a local non-profit organization.  This year’s class has decided to partner with Jackson PFLAG. The students are following the design cycle to plan this project.  Students are in the process of planning an event to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community in Jackson.  We are excited that this place-based student-driven project is underway.