Pre-Earth Day Pumpkin Burial
Last week high school students spent time carving pumpkins and then filling the pumpkins with trash. The burying of trash filled pumpkins served as a pre-Earth Day activity. On April 22nd students will unearth their pumpkins and analyze the pieces of trash which decomposed and to what extent. Each class, 9th-12th, carved, filled, and buried a pumpkin. On Friday, students chose a location for their pumpkin burial between the middle/high school and TLC buildings. Next time you are on campus, look for the four neon green flags marking where each pumpkin is hidden beneath the ground. Hypotheses were discussed as to what will happen come Earth Day. Following the unearthing of pumpkins, high school students will examine the greater question of what happens to our trash once it is sent to the landfill and engage in discussions for more ecologically friendly methods of trash disposal.