High School Winter Journey
The high school winter journey will take place February 14-16 at the Kelly campus of Teton Science Schools. A letter detailing programming and including a packing list will be emailed to parents and students in early February.

9/10 Sustainable Cemetery Design Project
On Thursday afternoon (January 26) 9th and 10th grade students presented design ideas for addressing the future problem of lack of burial space in Jackson. Students put in considerable time and effort and it clearly showed in their presentations. Local experts whose jobs are either directly or indirectly related to addressing the disposal of human remains were present to listen and provide feedback to students. This project was the culmination for English and chemistry classes for the semester.


Film Event: Audrie & Daisy
Wednesday, February 1, 7:00-9:30 pm
Jackson Hole Twin Cinema

On the evening of Wednesday, February 1st , Community Safety Network and Journeys School will be hosting a free screening of Audrie & Daisy, a documentary exploring the intersection of sexual violence and social media among high school students.
Audrie & Daisy, an official selection at Sundance 2016, traces the stories of two young women in high school who are not only victims of sexual violence, but also the further harm of peers’ responses on social media when they learn that their assaults were captured on video. The film explores the profound impact of technology in young adults’ lives in the aftermath of sexual assault, the potentially tragic outcomes of cyber-bullying, and the ripple effect of these events on the girls’ families, friends and communities. Based on this mature content, the film is recommended for high school age students and up.

After the film screening, co-founder of We End Violence, Jeff Bucholtz, will answer questions and facilitate a discussion around the themes exposed in the documentary. One of the nation’s most effective and engaging voices in violence prevention, Bucholtz provides hundreds of presentations on the topics of sexual violence, masculinity, relationship violence, popular culture, bullying and oppression every year. His work with communities, schools and professionals seeks to change cultures and attitudes, and strengthen knowledge about healthy relationships.

“This documentary not only engages the important topics of sexual violence and relationship violence, but also the new and dynamic role that technology and social media play in high school culture,” says CSN Prevention and Education Director Shannon Nichols. “We hope that this event will start an important conversation among families and the community about how we can cooperate to prevent this kind of violence and cyber-bullying from happening in Jackson Hole.”

For more information, please contact Prevention and Education Director Shannon Nichols at 307.733.3711.