Capstone Spring Experience Has Begun!
The eighth grade capstone program is the culmination of one’s middle school career at Journeys School. Before matriculating to high school, students are asked to reflect on who they are in several ways. The first of the four components of the Capstone Project is a braided essay in English, which is a combination of three essays: one historical, one personal, and one symbolic. They will then identify themes that characterize the first two braids and use the symbolic strand, a narrative about an animal guide, to represent these connections between themselves, their family history, and their future path. Students also are creating a Coat of Arms in art with symbols and colors that reflect their personal attributes and characteristics. Also coming up is the eighth grade rite of passage journey in Red Canyon near Lander from May 22-26. Students will prepare for this journey by exploring their transition to high school as well as practicing primitive skills to prepare for their time in the wilderness. Working with Teton Science Schools’ biologist/naturalist Kevin Taylor, Capstone students will learn to live with minimal materials and keep themselves warm and comfortable during a quintessential five spring days in Wyoming. The journey will consist of several phases of separation: first from the entire middle school student body, second from the eighth grade class as a whole, and finally, a separation of one’s self for a day long solo. Because this journey demands independence and competency with the primitive skills, students are required to demonstrate their ability and responsibility with risk management during the Friday prep times in order to attend the journey. Finally, students will prepare a Capstone Presentation to share their experience and their growth as an individual, community member, and a learner, with the community and guests.

8th Grade Band Showcase
Monday. May 15th, 9:40-10:45
Parents of 8th grade students are invited to the 8th grade band's final Showcase, located in the music room (upstairs TLC) on May 15th from 9:40-10:45. Students will share an "intimate" performance and welcome parents to their music class, this last day of band for 2017.  We will also share some treats as a celebration of our work. Please encourage your students to continue practicing at home during these last few weeks of class, as we only have 4 more rehearsals until this Showcase.

7th Grade Band Showcase
Monday. May 15th, 8:25-9:35
Our 7th graders have about 5 more rehearsals in band class for the year.  We have been working on duets and a full band arrangement of a song called "Appalachia".  Our goal is to perform these for you on Monday, May 15th in the band room, Upstairs TLC.  The time will be from 8:25-9:35. We wanted to share with you in a more intimate way by getting together to show you some music and share some treats as a celebration of our semester together. We also have plans to perform our duets at Morningstar Assisted Living Center in Rafter J in early May.  (We should be practicing these at home for the time being, as well as "Appalachia.")

6th Grade Band Showcase
Thursday, May 18th, 9:40-10:45
Parents of 6th grade band students are invited to the 6th grade band's final band practice of the year. Students will present a Showcase (in our Band Room upstairs in the TLC) of music and techniques we have been working on this semester.  We have put together a good representation of our abilities, and think that this will be a more intimate way to show you more of what we learn, and things we do in class.  We will finish the class with some treats as a celebration.