Photos for Achievement Celebration
We need actions shots of  middle and high school students participating in 2016-17 team or individual athletics, performing arts, or extra-curricular academics for the Achievement Celebration slide show. Parents are invited to join us for the Achievement Celebration, which will be after Community Lunch on Friday, June 9. Please send photos to no later than Wednesday, May 31. Sorry, but photos sent after May 31 will not be used in the slide show.

Integrated Water Unit
This week 9th and 10th grade students spent Tuesday and Thursday out in the field considering the different aspects of our local water resources. High school faculty have been instructing students in each of their discrete disciplines on different facets of water including tap water analysis, water in prose, social justice issues, comparing sine curves and diurnal river flow, and watershed mapping. Next week students will start an integrated final project leading to a presentation of their findings on Monday, June 12th during a 6th-10th grade water summit.

And, that’s a wrap!
Twelfth grade students completed all IB assessments on Wednesday, May 17. Congratulations to the class of 2017! We look forward to seeing results when they are posted on July 6.