Beginning of Year Reminders
Please check Haiku for updates on student performance. Please communicate with teachers if you are having any difficulty with access or information.
Daily Practice starts at 8:15 am. Please support this intentional community programming by helping your child show up prior to 8:15.
If you are uncertain about any of the practices within the middle school, please reach out to gain clarity.

Fall Journey

Our fall journey to Fort Washakie has come to a close. We couldn’t be happier with the experience as everything we were hoping for happened and more. We were truly able to explore how boundaries impact our identity and to lay the foundation for the future relationship building between our two geographically disparate communities. As your child returns from a very complex experience, they will undoubtedly have many questions and reflections on their experience. Your role in shepherding this experience forward so that we can continue to build on all of the great work that has been done is critical to our future success. First and foremost, please celebrate your child for undertaking such a significant endeavor. For treating another community with the utmost respect. For doing real learning around the value of cross-cultural connections, and lastly for being kind thoughtful humans.
To support their growth and learning please consider the following questions to ask your child:
Consider staring your questions with Tell me about……
-        Being comfortable being uncomfortable
-        The food shared and the traditional ceremonies they participated in
-        The possibility walk
-        The perspective wall
-        Connections they made
-        Their boredom and how to choose to respond
-        The dangers of single story narratives
-        The plan for what to do next

We planted seeds for future relationship building. We intentionally left students wanting more relationships and more interactions. We created boredom, for out of boredom is sparked creativity and original thought. We learned as a different culture might learn, through the respect of elders and through listening deeply, “as if our lives depended upon it”. This is a complicated and beautiful journey our students have started. The echoes of this experience will have a resounding impact throughout all of our lives with the tender care we plan to give it. Please reach out and communicate if something doesn’t feel right or if you need guidance on how to support your child.
We are forever grateful for the trust you have given us in working with your children. It is an honor to participate in the magic and wonders they bring to the world every day.